BBS 3, Academic English Intermediate, Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University

School of Agriculture, Tuesday 4th Period, 2nd Term, 2015



[261] Topic 7: Adapting to New Technology Name:Mitsu Matsuoka Date:2018/02/06(火) 10:48 [ 返信 ]
New technology can solve problems, but it often creates new problems. The invention of the automobile, for example, created the need for speed limits, driver's licenses and traffic lights. Can you think of an invention that created problems when it was introduced? How were these problems solved? Explain your position, between 250 and 300 words in length, with reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations or reading.

[260] Topic 5: My Unforgotten Person Name:Yoshinobu Sato Date:2017/02/08(水) 09:29 [ 返信 ]
 My most unforgettable person is a teacher, who is elementary school teacher. He had been charge in my class for two years, fourth grader to sixth grader. He is very passionate for everything. I liked this point very much. I will show you some examples.
First is when I was fourth grader. After class, I and some friends were told to come and see him. We could imagine why we were told so. A mentally retarded person was in my class. We sometimes made fun of him in secret. My teacher scolded us for our making fun of him. I reflected on this act. If I was not scolded, I might have had prejudice to mentally retarded people.
Nest is a camp school in the forest. When I was a fifth grader, I went to the camp school in the forest. He always looked everyone in my class, scolding, cheering up. I was very happy to be cheering up and I managed to accomplish this camp.
Last is my most unforgettable memory, a graduation ceremony when I was sixth grader. After graduation ceremony, my teacher presented us a song, “Best Friend” which is written by “kiroro”. It was surprise present. He did not song well, but this song seemed thoughtful to us. I found myself crying while I was listening this song. I realized how we were loved and how we loved him. I remembered him when I listened this song.
He changed my life. I was happy to meet him.

[259] River Swimming Name:Yusuke Hashimoto Date:2016/02/11(木) 02:31 [ 返信 ]
In this summer, I went back to my hometown, Shiga. I went swimming in Setagawa which flows out from Biwako. While swimming in Setagawa something shiny near the bottom caught my eyes. I dove down to get a closer look. Surprisingly, they were Silurus biwaensis’s eyes. Although he looked very old age, his eyes were shining. When I was wondering and was looking at him, he spoke to me. He told to me his situation. He had house in Biwako, but he had come Setagawa by a mistake. He could not go back to Biwako because he was very old and did not have much power to go back to Biwako. I understood his problem. By using net, I returned him to Biwako. He expressed his gratitude and went back to his house.

Few minutes later he went back, a surface of the water had begun to shake. A lot of his companions showed their noses from the surface. They said that in return for helping him we invite you to our submarine home. I was taken by them, went to their home. It was very big and beautiful. There were many fish which enjoy talking, eating, playing. I was treated. I had many sea foods and got many jewels. My tummy was filled and I fell asleep.

When I wake up, I was in my bed in my friend’s room. I thought it was a dream. But in my hand it had been gripped some pearls. I still put it in my room now.

[258] Computers and Privilege Name:Yusuke Hashimoto Date:2016/02/11(木) 02:29 [ 返信 ]
  I agree with the statement that computer technology gives an unfair advantage to a privileged few. In our society, it begin to be thought as a matter of course that we can use a computer. There are many people who are damaged by no ability of computer.

  People who can use computer well get more chances in society than people who cannot use computer. They will get more information while looking for a job by using Internet. They will be able to take better communication with business partners by using e-mails. They have advantage in a lot of cases compared with people who cannot use a computer.

  I think although it is true that there are many gaps between people who can use computer well and people who cannot use computer well, it is not bad thing. It is a matter of course . These days, a trend to build up the base of the social system as a natural premise by IT is strengthened in developed countries. As it is natural thing that people who do not eat anything will be dead, the age it is natural to be able to use computer will come. As the evolution of the organism was so, who cannot adapt to the environment is going to be culled. All of us must become to be able to use computer to survive in society. Not if we are saying that such injustice is born. We have to adapt this world which is commonplace to use computer.

[257] My Hometown Name:Yusuke Hashimoto Date:2016/02/11(木) 02:28 [ 返信 ]
My hometown is Otsu city in Shiga prefecture. Otsu is prefectural capital of Shiga. Shiga have some good points. I introduce you some good points of Shiga.

  First, there is Lake Biwa. It is the largest lake in Japan and has large quantities of water. It flows out to Osaka Bay via Seta River, Uji River and Yodo River. So many people in Kinki has benefited in its water resource. It is called “Water jar of Kinki.” It is also “ancient lake” th e lake which has 100,000 years of life. Since the body of water in the ancient lake there over a long time, ecosystem is developed. Biwkoonamazu only lives in Lake Biwa. We can meet them at Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Museum. The museum is the largest museum about the lake in Japan. I like to go there.

  Second, Shiga is close to Kyoto. People who has not lived in Shiga often say, there is no thing in Shiga, there is only Lake Biwa. I think it is not wrong. Shiga has no thing. However, Shiga is great place as bed town. We can go to Kyoto in 20 minutes by Biwako Line, JR. In Kyoto, there are all things which we want. When I lived in Shiga, I often go shopping to Kyoto in weekend.

  Although I do not recommend you to visit to Shiga by above reason, I recommend all of you to live in Shiga in future. As I actually so, you can lead very good life in Shiga.

[256] My most unforgettable person Name:Toshiki Shirai Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:26 [ 返信 ]
 My most unforgettable person is a teacher, who is elementary school teacher. He had been charge in my class for two years, fourth grader to sixth grader. He is very passionate for everything. I liked this point very much. I will show you some examples.
First is when I was fourth grader. After class, I and some friends were told to come and see him. We could imagine why we were told so. A mentally retarded person was in my class. We sometimes made fun of him in secret. My teacher scolded us for our making fun of him. I reflected on this act. If I was not scolded, I might have had prejudice to mentally retarded people.
Nest is a camp school in the forest. When I was a fifth grader, I went to the camp school in the forest. He always looked everyone in my class, scolding, cheering up. I was very happy to be cheering up and I managed to accomplish this camp.
Last is my most unforgettable memory, a graduation ceremony when I was sixth grader. After graduation ceremony, my teacher presented us a song, “Best Friend” which is written by “kiroro”. It was surprise present. He did not song well, but this song seemed thoughtful to us. I found myself crying while I was listening this song. I realized how we were loved and how we loved him. I remembered him when I listened this song.
He changed my life. I was happy to meet him.

[255] my unforgettable person Name:Suzumura Reika Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:18 [ 返信 ]
I unforgettable person is my grandfather. I he died in one that does not even 2 years old. He was 58 years old at that time. There is no memory of talking to grandfather in my head. I hear the story of his grandfather well from my grandmother. That from the story of my grandfather is not away from the head.

My grandfather heard it was a very tough person. That said it was also against the family. In addition, he was a hate fraud and a lie. Since he was very serious to work, it has been respected by people of colleagues and neighbors. Actively participate to the events of the town, was committed to the town. But equal to or more than 15 years from lost my grandfather, there are people who praise him even now.

On the other hand, he also heard that had a friendly one side. When my mother he and pregnant knew, he bought a new car for me to be born. It is the want to go to various places in the grandchildren and their car because he thought. However, his thoughts did not come true. He was found to be cancer six months ago no longer. When I know that life expectancy is low, he's so wanted very frustration. Fight against cancer severely, he very suffered. The 3rd before he passed away, I'm so calling him a "grandpa". He very happy to hear it. I always tears every time you hear the story.

I think I want to be the person who tackle things seriously like him.

[254] my hometown Name:Suzumura Reika Date:2016/02/07(日) 23:16 [ 返信 ]
I live in Ama, Aichi. Ama City is a city next to Nagoya. In other words, Ama City is a place to live is people working in Nagoya. Very close to Nagoya City, it only takes about 10 minutes by train. Therefore, people who try to Sumo convenient this region are many, residential areas of the taxon was built. I'm a convenient this city proud.

Such sweet City of attractions is that it is a lot of temple I think. For example, the temple that Jimokuji Kannon is very famous. The New Year's Eve gathered a lot of people, they spend with friends and family and the year. I go to every year Jimokuji Kannon. I met with my friends at the elementary school and junior high school, speaks of is a lot of fun. After past the year, pulling friends and fortune, to pray in the main hall. In addition, when it comes to the time of the traditional end of winter in the Jimokuji Kannon, beans Maki is performed. The event is well known even among near our city. For this reason, there is also a lot of people gather in the traditional end of winter in.

Specialty of Ama, Aichi is a vegetable. For example, Japanese mustard spinach and spinach, is a radish. Ama City agriculture is very prosperous. For this reason, there are fields and fields everywhere, it is a relatively natural-rich town. In addition, people involved in agriculture is very friendly. When you greet a person with a job in the field, me always greeted with a smile. In this way, I think I live Ama City and a good location.

[253] My Most Forgettable Person Name:Sakagami Haruna Date:2016/02/07(日) 22:32 [ 返信 ]
My most forgettable person is Mr.Nakayama. He is a teacher of my elementary and junior high school. He taught me important things.
When I was a elementary school student in fifth grade, he was a teavher in charge. He taught me math well, I became to like math. When I got good score, he prised me. I felt motivated very much. I am good at mathmatics now. When I quarrelled with a friend, he cheered it up kindly. Thanks to him, I am very close to her who I quarrelled with now.
When I was a junior high school student, he was a supervisor of my softball club. He was very stern unlike time of the elementary school. I wanted to stop club activities many times. However, I knew that he wanted to make the team strong. Because I wanted to meet his expectation, I practiced very hard. It is really still close to friends of softball club. He was also a teacher of the science. His class was very easy. I was interested in chemistry. I belong to the department of agriculture. It is not exaggeration even if I say that he charged my life.
Whe I was a high school student, he married the teacher of my junior high school. I participated in a banquet. I was really glad because he looked very happy. I do not contact him now, but I remember him at just time. I am going to meet him when I become an admirable adult like him.

[252] The Harm in Charity Name:Sakagami Haruna Date:2016/02/07(日) 21:21 [ 返信 ]
I disagree with this statement. it is important that people help each other. Even if recipients can not use charity well, the charity is sighitly useful.
Various philanthropies are carried out now in the world. I intend to introduce some example. When The Grest East Japan Earthquake happened, Australia worked on the fund-rasing with a dish of the belt-conveyor sushi. New Zealand appeals for the terrible sight of the mine with ketchup and works on the fund-rasing. These donations are helpful for many people even if they can not improve poverty.
However, I think we should think about the way of the philanthropy. I have heard the following stories. "I went to some small country in Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers before and I have asked the person who taught children. The land seemed to become considerably rich by an advanced state support. However, children did not take good care of things. They broke new chairs unconcernedly. I said,"Stop it." They said,"I broke it because I could get a new thing." I was made to think very much. It is not good only by supporting it. Because supplies flow from the outside without thier efforts, the seem to lose the value of things."
It is important to share the richness. However I think that important thing is local people work and builds the richness. We have to think about sharing things. I think we do not give things, we make the enviroment where local people can work.

[251] my most unforgettable person Name:tsuchihashi kazuaki Date:2016/02/07(日) 21:05 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Mr. Miyazawa. He was a homeroom teacher when I was a second-year and third-year senior high school student. I think his classroom and homeroom was unique and fun. I want to describe some reason why I think he is my forgettable person.
I consulted him about career guidance. Particular, I often consulted him after I finished the National Test for University Admissions. I did not get a good grade. I was shocked of it, and I talked with him. Then, he told me that I had other career guidance instead of my original guidance, and he taught me that I should forget the thing I was done. So, I could study for secondary examinations of two private colleges and a national college because I did not mind the result of the National Test for University Admissions.
I also consulted him after I took secondary examinations of two private colleges. I thought I could not pass both of the examination. Then, he also pointed out for me that I had a habit of minding the things which were passed, and he told me that I should only study for the test of the national college. After all, I could pass three examinations for the colleges.
Now, I can study what I want to study in the college. He pointed out my bad habit, and he advised me that I should do something from now on. Thanks of his advice, I think I become what I am now. So, I believe my most unforgettable person is Mr. Miyazawa.

[250] My Most Unforgettable Person Name:Sayuri Umemura Date:2016/02/07(日) 17:15 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is Mr. Tanaka. He is a teacher. He was in charge of my class when I was in the second year of junior high school. Although sometimes he scolded us, he was always smiling and thinking about only children. Let me give you two reasons why I choose him as my most unforgettable person.

First, he has changed the bad school into the good school. In those days, in my junior high school, there used to be many problems such as bulling, refusal to attend school and interruption to class. He solved these in his original ways. He can change others’ minds. My school was famous as the school going downhill in my town. However, it became the excellent school.

Second, he changed my way to think and my life. At the time, I did not study at all. I did not think about high school where I should go. Then, he recommended me to go to the most high-level high school. “You can do it!” He said. He also had the idea that you should do what you want to and be what you want to. These influenced me to go to the school and decide to be a farmer which I want to be. Thanks for his advices, I can enjoy my life now.

The students who are in his class can go to school enjoyably. I cannot forget him and what he did even now. I want to be a person like him.

[249] The harm in charity Name:Ymamoto Masahiro Date:2016/02/07(日) 17:10 [ 返信 ]
I think that the charity is necessary and beneficial. I do not think that charity is injurious. Certainly, people who give money are richer than people who take money. However, there is nothing you can do about it. People who are not rich need become rich.
For example, we will think about one hundred yen. If we have one hundred yen now, we can buy drink in the supermarket. We can always buy drink because most people have not less than one hundred yen. However, people in the country which is not rich always need the drink. Without one hundred yen they may die. We do not want to get one hundred yen, but they want to get one hundred yen.
For second example, if everyone in Japan pay one yen, two hundred million are collected. It makes many people happy. We cannot pay one thousand yen for people we do not know, but we can pay only one yen. When I do volunteer activity in elementary school, we can collect a lot of money. We can buy the dogs for blind people.
If people who are not rich want to take money which rich people give them, we should do the charity activity. I think that helping people in pure country is more important than worrying about mental in poor country about race problem. If I have chance to do a volunteer activity, I want to do it and help people who need help. In the end, the charity is necessary and beneficial.

[248] My Most Unforgottable Person Name:Ymamoto Masahiro Date:2016/02/07(日) 15:54 [ 返信 ]
My unforgotten person is my teacher of the club in high school. When I entered the club, I was surprised to find the teacher strict. One grade students must run for a long time, so we cannot play for a long time. They spend most time picking up the ball and cheer up the player in the large voice.
I was irritated to the teacher, so I lacked the thinking that I did my best. I think the teacher understand my lacking the thinking, so when I was late for the club, the teacher gave me the penalty. I must run five hundred round of the ground. I was very disappointed to the penalty. However, I run five hundred round of the ground in several weeks. Five hundred round of the ground equals to two hundred and fifty kilometers.
However, my mind changes after finishing the penalty I thought I must do my best to win in the game. In the evening practice, one grade students may not play for a long time, but they can play for a long time in the morning practice. In three grade, I was able to play well.
In the club, I can experience the chance to do my best. It made me do my best in the exam to enter the college. If I had not experience it, I might not have passed the exam. In the future, the experience to do my best will be important when I must do my best.

[247] My most unforgettable person Name:Reika Ishii Date:2016/02/07(日) 11:40 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is a math teacher in my high school. I like him very much, and he is loved by many students in my school. He is a charming person for us.

He is very kind and intimate teacher. He often talked with his students happily in the rest time, lunch time, and after school. He is a good talker. All students can enjoy his talk. I liked the time which I talked with him, too. The place which he is in is full of smiles of his students. And, he is good at conjuring tricks. He show his students his tricks and pleasure us. I enjoyed his tricks for many times.

He is very smart teacher. He knows many methods to solve the difficult problem, and teach us it intelligibly. I was poor at solving a math problem. After I was taught tenaciously by him, I became solving it more easily than before. I learned not only the method to solve the math problem, but also the attitude to study by him. I asked his advice how to study when I did badly at school. He told me the importance which I study constantly every day. I became to study every day, and my score at the test improved. I could pass the entrance examination.

I am thankful for him. What I am was made by his teaching. I think that I want to become the person who make the people around me have a good impact on.

[246] The Harm in Charity  Name:Sayuri Umemura Date:2016/02/07(日) 11:20 [ 返信 ]
I disagree with this opinion. It is a mistaken opinion. I think that charity is necessary. Let me give two reasons for my disagreement. They will help you understand my thought.

First, thanks for charity, there are many people who can live longer and who can be encouraged and become happy. Satoshi Omura, a Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine in 2005, contributed ivermectin for over a billion people for free. He helped many people who live in developing countries and suffer from the infectious disease. Everybody who can prevent the infection knows him. Thus, I think that charity is very beneficial.

Second, helping each other is more important than racing for wealth and fame. When someone is having trouble with something such as lack of food and money for surgery of his illness, it is natural to help him. I think charity enables people to have their kindness of heart. Sometimes, it makes a good connection between donor and recipient. If some people living in different area contribute money and goods for victims who have an earthquake, after that, communication between them may begin.

In conclusion, charity is need. If you think it is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it, I suggest that you should not only give money and supplies but also do something what they can live for themselves after that. I suppose the meaning of charity also conclude helping people without money. I hope all the people in the world can help others in natural.

[245] My most unforgettable person Name:Yurina YAMAMOTO Date:2016/02/07(日) 04:02 [ 返信 ]
Since I was a child, I do not like people called teacher. I think they stand on their knowledge, make us follow them, and sometimes get angry when we do not follow them because we accept that. However, I liked only one teacher, and he will be my most unforgettable person.
My most unforgettable person is a teacher who was the homeroom teacher when I was a fifth-year elementary school student. However, in the first term, another teacher was my homeroom teacher. She was arrogant, force us be nice to each other and scold us without special reasons. She was•like a dictator. Her action gave rise to opposition among the students include me. Therefore we were always quarreling. I thought I did not want to go school because it is a scary place. After all, she quitted school by the end of the first term, and a new teacher became my homeroom teacher.
He was a young teacher, so we talked with him like our friend, but he was not angry and, on the contrary, he became cordial and listened to what we wanted to tell. We gradually became to open our hearts, restore our relationship and our class become the best class in my grade. I was able to enjoy my school life again.
He always told us not to tell only negative thing. It is because negative opinions make people around negative. He teach us how to make and tell a constructive opinion. We were not forced it, but tried to do it because we certainly agreed with his statement. Today I clearly remember what he said and try to make as many constructive opinions as possible.

[244] The Harm in Charity Name:Yurina YAMAMOTO Date:2016/02/07(日) 02:03 [ 返信 ]
I partly agree with the opinion. I have three reasons to support my opinion. First, it is trouble. For example, when an earthquake, too many volunteers poured in the disaster area. They certainly supported the victims’ lives, while robbed victims of food and spaces. Second, it attacks the life of the people who are given the charity. For example, a foreign company gave poor children shoes for nothing. Then, local shoe shops had closed down because nobody bought them there. Charity sometimes damages the local industries. Third, charity have bad effects to become independent of it. As the proverb say,•a pet dog always given their food forgets how to hunt, people have to live by themselves.
However, it is true that some people cannot live without help. We can always get drinking water and enough food, but some people cannot get anything and live hand to mouth. We have to insure the welfare first at all. Constitution of Japan says that “All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living.” It that is not insured, industries cannot be made progress.
I have an idea to solve this problem. Charity gives not only objects but also ways. Giving vegetables is easy, but after people eat them up, nothing remains there. However, if somebody teach how to grow vegetables, they harvest, plant and harvest them again. They can get permanent supply of food. I think that is one a solution to the root of the poverty.

[243] the harm in charity Name:tsuchihashi kazuaki Date:2016/02/07(日) 00:49 [ 返信 ]
I disagree with this opinion of Rockefeller and Carnegie. Charity is important to help people who suffer a disaster and to clear the town where we live.
I cleared the area where I lived when I lived in Wakayama. The cleaning in the area is held every year, I also joined the event. Everyone in the area clears the area. This event is not compulsory participation, so this is one of the charity.
So, I think charity is important. Charity is not only money but also people’s consideration.
In addition, there are charity concert in a disaster area. This event has a definite purpose. The purpose is what people in a disaster area get back to energy. This event is not to get money, and this is to please unhappy people. Charity’s purpose is not making profit, and is to give a chance to live steadily for such people.
Furthermore, collecting money for people is what people who suffer a disaster get over the suffering and the area which is damaged by the disaster returns to normal to let them live in the same before. So, this charity is to help people in the disaster and to make a recovery of the area for people.
In conclusion, charity is various kind, and the purpose is not only to become independently of it but also to do something for their town and for someone, and to cheer up for people who live in the difficult situation and suffer a disaster in the area.

[242] My Most Unforgettable Person Name:Ayano Kato Date:2016/02/06(土) 23:28 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is a teacher when I was in a junior high school. I belonged to a wind orchestra club then. He became a teacher in my second of junior high school, and worked at my junior high school. He joined our wind orchestra as a conductor. Let me describe how he is important to me. I will show you some reasons.
First, he played the same instrument with me. I thought my instrument, horn, was not popular because there were few applicants when I decided it. Although, he played the horn. He belonged to a wind orchestra club and played the horn there like me. When I heard tone of his horn, I noticed horn was a very wonderful instrument. Thanks to him, I like the horn very much now.
Second, he was the first person who told me a wind orchestra. I did not know about a wind orchestra well in my first of junior high school. I decided to belong to a wind orchestra club not because I wanted to get to know more about a wind orchestra but because I wanted to play the wind instruments. Thanks to his coaching, I liked a wind orchestra and I knew the profundity of it.
In conclusion, if I had not met him, I would not be what I am. Thanks to him, I have played the horn for 7 years and I will continue to play it. These are the reasons that I consider him a special person.

[241] computers and privilege Name:tsuchihashi kazuaki Date:2016/02/06(土) 23:08 [ 返信 ]
I agree with this statement. Some can use their computer well, others cannot. The people who can use computers can get various information instantly, and can use Excel, Word, power point and so on.
I cannot use my computer very well. Also, I do not understand all the functions in my computer. So, I cannot design the slide in power point very well such as putting my picture, and using various figures to make the slide look nice. When I saw and listened to others’ presentation in my class in my college, people who can use functions in power point well could insist their opinion because their design let audiences get a strong impression.
In addition, I cannot use Excel well, so I spend much more time finishing completing the work using the Excel, and I am often confused because I do not know how to do when it happens to what I do not expect. People who know many functions in Excel, or often use Excel can finish the work in Excel as soon as possible.
Furthermore, people who are not good at using computer have a risk of being involved in crimes on the web. There are many crimes in computes such as a dark site, fraud in the net shopping. When some people do not know, or have no interest in computers’ security, they can get caught up in crimes.
Therefore people who are good at the computer can get an advantage, but people who are not can get a disadvantage.

[240] The Harm in Charity Name:Reika Ishii Date:2016/02/06(土) 22:02 [ 返信 ]
I agree with this opinion partially. I have some reasons.

First, I mention the reason why I agree with this opinion. If the recipients, in particular an unemployed person, is not independent of the charity, it is the self-satisfaction of the person who join the charity activity. The charity is meaningless, because the recipients get only a temporary benefits, such as a slice of bread, a cup of soup, and some money. They may depend on the charity benefits every day, and can live enough. They lose the motivation of getting a job, and can’t get a regular job by the charity activity.

Second, I mention the reason why I think both opinions are right. The charity includes various activities. The activity of collecting contributions sometimes does not do the recipients good benefits. The contributions may not give the people who need the money really. For example, in the country which the king only rules, the poor people don’t get enough money to live, and the king get too much money to live. But, the activity which works the poor people directly is meaningful.

Third, I mention the reason why I don’t agree with this opinion. For example, a rescue operation. It is the important activity. The sufferers should get help whether they are independent of it or not. We must give the help to them.

For three reasons, I think that charity is meaningless unless the poor people get the money enough. And, the rescue operation is an important activity.

[239] The Harm in Charity Name:Kohki Yasufuku Date:2016/02/06(土) 18:38 [ 返信 ]
Some people may say that charity is very meaningful activity because charity helps suffering people to survive. But I completely agree with Rockefeller and Carnegi. Charity is not meaningful unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it. There are some reasons that I think so.
First, if we give charity without it helps the recipient to become independent of it to suffering people, they may be filled at the moment but after our charity, they come back to suffering people. If this thing continues, they can not overcome their difficult problem and completely depend on our charity. It is not good.
Second, if we give charity without it helps the recipient to become independent of it to suffering people, we rob them of chance of their development. It is not meaningful if suffering people can not survive own power after our charity has done. So we should not give thing.
Third, money that we give them may be used not only to survive, but also for amusements. So we should give not money but how to build house, how to grow rice and vegetables, how raise cows and pigs and so on like technology.
But, I agree with giving charity that helps the recipient to become independent of it. If we do so, suffering people become to be able to develop own society by their own efforts.
These are reasons that why I do not agree with giveing charity without it helps the recipient to become independent of it.

[238] Computers and Privilege  Name:Suzumura Reika Date:2016/02/06(土) 15:49 [ 返信 ]
I agree with the above opinion. Now, the computer technology continues to evolve every day. Against too early evolution, it's natural that there are people who cannot keep up speed to understand. In addition, it is of course also that there are people with the privilege.

For example, in my home, my grandmother a computer cannot be used at all. She says well, "even if there is no computer, I can live. So, there is no need to learn how to use." He said. Age of people of about the same as my grandmother, even though it was not possible to use the computer, not much of a problem. On the other hand, my mother cannot use Excel or word. Because my mother has a job to use the computer, that you cannot use the various functions of the computer, it will be very much for her. Also because she does not have a smartphone, we are struggling to get in touch with me. In this way, new technology and it is very difficult to learn with only the power of their own I think. So I was thinking what to do.

Future technology that can use the computer will need naturally. For that reason, I think, but children are not adequately taught still in school now, teachers ought to teach the use of computer and electronic equipment in the elementary school and junior high school. By learning the computer at school, and it is possible to eliminate the gap I think.

[237] Generalists vs. Specialists  Name:Suzumura Reika Date:2016/02/06(土) 13:26 [ 返信 ]
I am in favor of the opinion that we need experts. However, we consider that it is necessary also the person who wears a broad liberal arts at the same time.

First, the reason why for the opinion that we need experts. In any academic, a person is very important Unusual its academic. When faced with a problem that requires a specialized knowledge, it is difficult to correspond to the knowledge of the decent. For example, in the like us ordinary people, when someone is sick, you cannot find a detailed solution that what kind of medicine is work on their own. However, if you go to the hospital, there are doctors there is an especially good field. Existence value of a doctor with specialized knowledge will be very large appreciated by us.

On the other hand, if we had been only people with specialized knowledge, we would very troubled. It is when multiple disciplines are combined, experts because I think that it is not possible to solve the problem. If there is a wide range of knowledge, while compensating the specialized knowledge, it would be able to respond flexibly. Also, I think experts that it is often biased view of to the particular issues that. For example, when developing a food not only knowledge of chemistry, even require knowledge of nutritional and biological. Therefore, even if especially good only one something, it can be seen that useless.

In this way, depending on the case and the location, I think whether the expert is required, and it is important to determine whether the person wearing that we need the liberal arts.

[236] Adapting to New Technology  Name:Suzumura Reika Date:2016/02/06(土) 13:02 [ 返信 ]
Today, our life has become very convenient. Also technology is evolving every day. Thanks to a lot of electronic equipment, we have benefited. On the other hand, it is also true the problem is occurring a lot.

For example, it is the case of children who use the smartphone. They become addicted to smartphones, they will not be able to concentrate on studying. In addition, because they keep the contact until the middle of the night with friends in the smart phone application, time to sleep becomes more and more less. Parents’ regret that gave them to the smartphone. However, for children, smart phone is what you need. Therefore, they do not try to keep away from the smartphone.

I thought a solution to this problem. I, I think it's because there is no promise between the parents why children cannot let go of the smartphone. For example, you can determine the time to use in a day, it devised necessarily to study after using. When parents buy a smart phone to children, I think a good idea to pre-commitment. For example, in my case, when I study, a promise not to use the smartphone as a base. When I was in high school, I kept that promise. As a result, without having to depend on the smartphone even when the college entrance examination, was able to concentrate on the study. In this way, the need be considered in isolation that have to do with the smartphone I think. And, I will be a promise that is not dependent on convenient electronic equipment is thought of as the most important.

[235] Computers and Privilege Name:Yurina YAMAMOTO Date:2016/02/06(土) 11:50 [ 返信 ]
I partly agree that opinion. I have three reasons to support my opinion. First, a computer is so expensive that not all people can get it. Children or poor people cannot ever use it. Second, if you can get it, you do not necessarily make full use of it. You have to get some skills to use it. Sometimes it also cost a lot to get them. Finally, people who can use computers can get more information than people who cannot use computers. Currently, there is a problem called the digital divide occurring.
Today, we often think that everyone has his/her own computer, and can use it freely. For example, when I became a university student, many formal procedures had to be done by computer. If I did not have a computer, I had to follow more troublesome processes than people who have it. In addition, after I entered the university, various classes are proceeded on the assumption that everyone naturally has his/her own computer. It irritates me.
However, I also think that computer technology gives some bad effects. We share so much information in a short time that we cannot have to keep an eyes on the computer to catch up with the world. Some people depend on Internet. They use it night and day and sometimes catch a disease like dry eye or insomnia. It can lead an unhealthy lifestyle.
After all, people who can use a computer certainly are in an advantageous position than people who do not have it. We have to close the gap between them.

[234] Computers and Privilege Name:Kohki Yasufuku Date:2016/02/06(土) 10:01 [ 返信 ]
I agree with this opinion that computer technology gives an unfair advantage to a privileged few when this opinion include the world, but I disagree with this opinion when this opinion include only Japan. There are some reasons why I think so.
When this opinion includes the world, certainly there is an unfair advantage to a privileged few. In developed country, most people can computer, Internets and so on. But in developing country, a lot of people can not use computer, Internets and so on. For example, developed countries people can get a lot of information, play games, and study many things that they do not know and get rich life by computer. But developing country people can not these things. So developed countries are more and richer and wealthier, but developing countries can not improve life level.
When this opinion includes only Japan, there is not an unfair advantage to a privileged few. In Japan, most people can use computer, Internets and so on. So I think every person is fair. Certainly, wage difference and education gap and the gap between the rich and the poor in Japan. But I think that they are not because of computer technology.
Definitely computer technology makes people rich. So we can not decide that computer technology is wrong. To use this very convenient technology fairly, who can use computer technology such as developed country people should help who can not use computer technology such as developing country people to use this technology.

[233] My most unforgettable person Name Name:Kohki Yasufuku Date:2016/02/06(土) 08:27 [ 返信 ]
My most unforgettable person is a junior high school and senior high school teacher. He is my best teacher for me. There are some memories about him.
He is my first homeroom teacher when I enter junior high school. When I and classmates met him first, he made us write our good point and bad point. After this task was done, he told us to improve our good point and to get over our bad point during 6 years, junior high school and senior high school. This is still my motto.
He was also my club’s adviser when I was junior high school student. He is very good at playing tennis. So I was taught how to play, how to win on tennis. I was especially scolded, but reason and logic was completely correct. So I could spend very meaningful times of club.
When I was senior high school student, he was not my homeroom teacher. He cheered up me to study hard, so my senior high school’s grade was worse and worse. But when I was 3rd grade, I was scolded by him about study. He told me that I could enter any university if I studied hard since I entered senior high school, but it was too late, but you start to study very hard now, maybe you can enter some Kyuteikoku universities. When I hear that, I decide to study very hard for 1 year. Without him, I never come Nagoya University.
He is surely my former teacher.

[232] Generalists vs. Specialists Name:Kohki Yasufuku Date:2016/02/06(土) 07:12 [ 返信 ]
Today, we have many specialists about a lot of field. But we do not have many generalists. I think that we should increase a number of generalists. So I agree this opinion. Because of there are some reasons and examples.
First, in this time, there are very capable specialists in a lot of field. But most of today’s specialists study very detailed field. This is why I think that generalists are needed. Specialists have very narrow horizons. But Generalists have broadened horizons. So generalists can integrate these specialist’s detailed fields and narrow horizons. If generalists can do so, I believe that specialists can study more detailed and different fields. To have a lot of generalists make it possible for specialists profitable environment to study. On the contrary, we have no generalists, specialists can do nothing.
Second, generalists can find very useful things that specialists can never find. Why generalists can do so? Because generalists know a lot of things that specialists do not know. Certainly, specialists know a lot of things. But these are limited. Specialists know only their own field. Contrasting this, generalists know things about many fields. It is true that specialist’s knowledge is deeper than generalist’s, but it is also true generalist’s knowledge is wider than specialists.
These are why I think that we need more generalists. Recently there are trend about specialists are very helpful for people. It is not wrong. But we should aware that generalists are needed. Because specialists and generalists help each other.


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